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Wireless Tail Light Bar
Wireless Tail Light Bar provides a flexible and easy to use unit that can be easily attached to a vehicle or load, and moved between vehicles.
    • All LED lighting
    • Uses state of the art 915 MHz transmitter with frequency hopping to allow multiple transmitters to be used in close proximity with no interference of jamming.
    • Rechargeable sealed lead acid battery, allows long operating time between recharges.
    • Operating range approximately 100m
    • Transmitter simply plugs into existing trailer sockets (12-24V) with no batteries in the transmitter to change or recharge
    • Solid Aluminium construction and 25mm ratchet straps for attaching to vehicle.
    • Two models available
        • 900-WLB-915: basic unit comprises LED stop/tail/indicator lams
        • 900-WLB-915A: includes 2 amber emergency warning lamps, and bypass socket (to allow unit to be operated via cable should battery become drained or electronics fail)
Wireless Tail Light Bar

Almost to strobe brightness for added safety.

The new swivel system allows for easier use and more adjustment and also full use of the slide function to get over any rib issues on car roofs

The latest addition is the new accessory plate mount bracket (P/N.WB-ACCP), which folds down to avoid plate getting damaged and also for easy stow away in the vehicle.

Furthermore, a great amount of effort went into improving the “already great” signal performance to making sure the response time was as close to real time as possible.

Also making sure the battery level indicator was a true reflection of the battery condition.

• More compact at 720mm long
• lightweight and sturdy construction
• Weather resistant
• Super bright led signal lamps
• Improved signal transmission
• More accurate battery meter
• Robust swivel feet with easy slide function
• Compact magnetic feet
• Stronger magnet levers
• Optional accessory plate with flip function for easy stow away
• Bright UV stable PVC material for easy sight
• Window/aluminium suction mount system available
• 10-30v hi powered 2 Amp lithium charger
• 240V wall charger
• Lithium powered battery pack
• Handy carry bag
• Rare earth hi power magnetic system
• Zero interference with other Wibars
• Forget me not buzzer
• Accessory plate lamp

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