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Speed Dolly
Ekebol is the only Australian retailer of In The DitchTM Speed Dolly. The In The DitchTM Speed Dolly’s innovative design is US patented and is the #1 selling Self-Loading Dolly in the world.
Lift It!
Ergonomically designed for a balanced carrying load that won’t shift or flop and the aluminium billet handle provides a firm comfortable grip on the handle.

Roll It!
The Speed Dollies can be rolled to a recovery vehicle. Rolling the dolly also makes it easier to slide between two parked cars or a tight space, like a parking garage without fear or damaging other vehicles. Just insert the breakover bar, tilt the dolly wheels upright and push the breakover bar forward.

Lock It!
The Cam-Lock design is easy to operate with the industry’s best safety features. The spring-loaded pin within the Cam-Lock self-engages, so the dolly wheels lock without your hands leaving the break-over bar. You also have full control of the break-over bar and you never remove your hands when unloading!

Tow It!
The Speed Dollies work great in areas where you don’t have enough room to push a breakover bar back completely. You can cam one spindle over, and have enough clearance to pull the car away from where it was parked!
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