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Wireless Tail Light Bars
Wireless Tail Light Bar provides a flexible and easy to use unit that can be easily attached to a vehicle or load, and moved between vehicles.
    • All LED lighting
    • Uses state of the art 915 MHz transmitter with frequency hopping to allow multiple transmitters to be used in close proximity with no interference of jamming.
    • Rechargeable sealed lead acid battery, allows long operating time between recharges.
    • Operating range approximately 100m
    • Transmitter simply plugs into existing trailer sockets (12-24V) with no batteries in the transmitter to change or recharge
    • Solid Aluminium construction and 25mm ratchet straps for attaching to vehicle.
    • Two models available
        • 900-WLB-915: basic unit comprises LED stop/tail/indicator lams
        • 900-WLB-915A: includes 2 amber emergency warning lamps, and bypass socket (to allow unit to be operated via cable should battery become drained or electronics fail)
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