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EKEBOL is Australia’s leading manufacturer of tilt tray bodies and is the only manufacturer in Australia that designs and builds Heavy Recovery Underlift equipment built for the conditions. We also design and build Super Tilt trailers, small and medium recovery equipment, wheel lifts, towing accessories and custom-made recovery equipment.

Tilt Tray Bodies
Low-Angle Tilt Tray
Super-Tilt Trailers
Medium Recovery Under-Lifts
Heavy Recovery Under-Lifts
Quicklash Systems
The Ekebol Difference

At Ekebol, our focus is on the quality of products we deliver and our customers. This is evident in our highly skilled design team, in-house robotics facility, the high-quality steel used and workmanship displayed by our skilled tradespeople. Each unit is individually checked prior to delivery to ensure a high standard every time.
Our customers receive excellent service before and after any sale. We provide product support and spare parts for the life of our products.

You will find Ekebol equipment in all environments around the country and overseas, operating reliably after many years of service.

We are able to deliver all of your commercial towing & recovery equipment needs!
Ekebol is renowned for the reliability, durability, and strength of our products. Ekebol units benefit from over 50 years of product development, and real-world testing. Ekebol is also a supplier of choice to the largest fleet operators, auto clubs, Local, State, and Federal Government departments. No other tilt tray or heavy recovery manufacturer in Australia has such experience.

They are sold and operated throughout Australia, from the rain forests of far north Queensland, the farming belt of Victoria and New South Wales, the harsh Outback of Central Australia, to the demanding mining industry in Western Australia and Queensland. You will also find Ekebol tilt trays and heavy recovery equipment in the dense rainforests of Indonesia, and New Guinea, in East Timor, and New Zealand. By providing truck bodies to these and other tough locations it means that we know how to make a reliable and dependable unit - which is what every customer needs.
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