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Welcome to EKEBOL!
EKEBOL is Australia’s leading manufacturer of tilt tray truck bodies, and tilt slide tow truck bodies. We are the only manufacturer in Australia that designs and builds Heavy Recovery Underlift equipment. We also design and build Super Tilt Trailers, Medium Recovery equipment, wheel lifts, towing accessories and custom-made recovery equipment.

Latest News
A new EKEBOL TS22 heavy recovery unit has recently been delivered to the NSW RMS. This impressive heavy recovery unit will help the RMS respond to breakdowns in Sydney and allow the existing EKEBOL unit, which they have had for over 26 years, to be finally retired from service. Click here to see photos.
A fleet of TFS 6L and 11L low angle tilt trays has recently been delivered. This low angle tilt tray is fitted with an extensive range of options to show how versatile this new model is. Click here to see photos of the Low Angle range of tilt tray bodies.
Stunning in Red. Here is another new delivery. This time a TFS 16 tilt slide work horse on a new model DAF 8x4. Click here to admire!
New Motorcycle Dolly MD3 with an improved design for greater stability and easy storage. Click here to find out more!

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